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It all started with an idea...
and a dog

Peppers of Yorkshire is very much a family-run business. We are a family-of-four on a mission; to help small independent businesses thrive and to showcase the very best of Yorkshire's incredible produce. 

The story of Peppers began with our founder, Helen, working in a local airport, telling travellers almost every day "Sorry, we don't have any Yorkshire merchandise". After years of telling people there were no local souvenirs to buy, she decided to take matters into her own hands. 

When coming up with a name for our dream shop, we pondered for weeks thinking of unique things that would represent our family and bring a smile to people's faces. That's when our family dog Pepper came and sat by us and we realised that the name was right in front of us all along! Peppers of Yorkshire was born. 

Since opening our doors on 12th April 2021, Peppers of Yorkshire has gone from strength to strength. From planning and designing our shop through a global pandemic, to working with many small and local businesses, our aim is simple: to show off the very best that God's Own County has to offer! 

Meet The Team


The founder of Peppers of Yorkshire. 

Local history fanatic, dog lover and cheerleader of small businesses. 




Financial manager, handyman and the best-dressed golfer in Yorkshire. 


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Social media manager, creator of soft furnishings and occasional musician. 


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Resident photographer and illustrator, logo and product designer, and pro countryside adventurer. 

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